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At school Chloe quickly choose a literary way and she always manage to keep a strong link to art work.
She coming from a family who has no special interest in art. Her scholarly learning gave her the first indication of her desires to engage herself in the art world. 2011-2012 After her A level (Baccalauréat) she manage to go in the Arcades institute, a class to prepare the entry exam of art school, located in the suburbs of Paris (Issy les Moulineaux). In this context so dense that she had never tasted, her interest for art grows, she discovers the galleries of Paris (specially the one of the Marais), she run from exhibition to exhibition, she start to understand how art work function, she feed her intuitions and practice her eyes.
Since 2012 she studies in les Beaux Arts du Mans (France), where in 2015 she obtains her first diploma DNAP (Diplôme National d'Art Plastique). She is now getting in her last year of Master. In these years she discovered etching, a medium that exercises a strong influence on her. This relation deepen in 2014 when Chloé Bocquet made an internship at a printing workshop in Paris (Atelier Moret). She had a lot of fun with aquatint and meet many artists engravers. In the same year she noticed in her work a growing interest for questions related to space, the flat surfaces of the architecture. She uses these to build her images and go deeper in her intuitions with a quite wide arrange of mediums, etching, painting, video, photos.
In 2015 she organised a show in a design shop in Le Mans. At this event she decide to profit from this shop environment to create a tension in between the art works and the space. This show made her think about the space in which we live and the furnitures surrounding us. Her research from there evolved from the outside of houses to the inside, zooming in we could say. 2016 In this year she makes an ERASMUS exchange in the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (Leipzig, Germany), there she goes to Oliver Kossack and Christiane Baumgartner class (graphic department). This courses encourage herself to develop her drawing pratise and discovered lithography. Leipzig being a stronghold for young contemporary artists this created in her a strong desire to produce and evolve her practise.

This project specially created for young artists is a real privilege which gives the chance to work with people deeply engaged in the field of art and curious about the new generation of young artists.  I am in my last year of studies and I think about my future, my independent life far from the school and its facilities. I think this exhibition project is part of what a young artist needs starting out in the art scene, a kind of 'bigger splash.' Having a chance to present my work to the public, to be seen and engage in a professional process, meet artists from my generation, all this feeds an incredible source of enthusiasm.

Chloé Bocquet
Chloé Bocquet EOY 2016 Artist

Recent Works:

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