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My work focuses on the transient, capturing the most dramatic point of an action, the tipping point from one moment to the next, be it physical or mental. Ordinarily this fleeting change would be gone in the blink of an eye but to hold it forever in a solid yet ethereal design creates strong emotional impact. The use of metal, particularly steels such as corten, adds another dynamic to my work as the oxidisation means the surface is constantly changing. Being self taught has allowed me to gain mentorship from artists and sculptors across the country, who have successful full time careers, including the ex-president of the Royal Society of Artists. It has also given me the opportunity to forge working relationships with leading industry experts in metal fabrication, computer aided design and manufacture and galleries.

My artistic practice is really beginning to take off and EOY comes at a perfect time in my career. With work being sent around the world I think it's important to show my work closer to home, where I can represent my sculptures in person.  This celebration of art provides the perfect platform to get to know other young artists from across the country and share thoughts and ideas on an artistic career and their practice.
It's always exciting to have the opportunity to exhibit in a different county and to support a worthy cause in the process is an added bonus.

Jacob Chandler
Jacob Chandler EOY 2016 Artist

Recent Works:

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