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Jake Barker was born in Hampshire, England 1995. The very essence implemented through my work is focused on prevalent social issues, with current projects varying around human welfare and wildlife conservation. My aim is to engage the audience with innovative processes that communicate these issues through the subject matter, in turn assisting in raising the consciousness of the cause. As a result of this 'Reporting via creation' the works themselves extend beyond decoration enabling the creations to exist as symbols that spotlight the substance within. In addition to this visual form of awareness raising I uphold the concept of social enterprise, by donating a proportion of each sale to organisations helping to further progress these causes.

My technical approach seeks to capture ‘truth-through-technique’ (TTT) exploring traditional mediums and techniques through fresh perspectives and innovative designs. TTT embodies the fusion between objective and subjective creation; where 'truth' represents the objective process depicting the realistic visual guise created through the accompanying subjective experimental techniques used to withdraw the ethos embodied. Current work pursues this by stripping away excess background allowing the focus to be fully on the subject, representing them as they truly are.

My work has featured in a number of exhibitions and private collections in Europe.


Jake Barker
Jake Barker EOY 2016 Artist
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