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I was born on the 18th May 1999 and have therefore just turned 17, and I am currently at the end of my first year of A levels. I am studying English Literature, Theatre Studies and Photography. My creativity comes from a creative household, with my father being an artist and sculptor. As well as my love for taking pictures, I am also a keen actress and musician writing my own songs. I make my own short films in my free time, as well as being a part of my photography projects.

I have always loved acting but have found I prefer the action behind the camera. I hope to study filmmaking at university and aspire to be a film director when I am older. I completed a three day Directing, Producing and Writing course at Pinewood Studios, and I have just completed two weeks of work experience with a Film Production company called Wigwam Films in London which gave me an insight to the ins and outs of the Film Industry. I am currently looking at university courses and Film schools that I could go to in a few years’ time after taking a gap year.

I am fascinated by both film making and photography. Ever since I realised that I didn't have to draw well in order to be an artist, I have found an outlet for my creativity and I love it. I have taken many experimental images with my camera, some of which are my best pictures yet.

I have so far made two films and loved every minute of it. I really want to be a film maker and this has given me an insight into what it might be like. I hope that my participation in EOY will expose both me and my work to a new audience, and I look forward to meeting up and participating with other like-minded people.

Joanna Maberly
Joanna Maberly EOY 2016 Artist

Recent Works:

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