Born and raised in North Norfolk, Kit spent three years after university honing his metal work to create a varied body of work, each with their own character and quirks.
Kit spent much of his formative years in rural
locations and has been fortunate to engage
constantly with the local wildlife. His inspiration and work reflects this, with both ideas and materials taken from agricultural sites and the undergrowth.
I learned to weld at 15 with a little bit of instruction by people on the farm and school. I completed a basic welding course at 19 but it was more of a certificate of competence and confirmed what i was already doing. Mainly i taught myself with a few hints and tips along the way.
Having grown up on the farm there was always some readily available scrap steel kicking about, as this is a free material and to hand, i soon learned to adapt it to my needs. As most of my materials were free when i was growing up scrap steel formed my default material to work with. Not much has changed since. My first foray into to sculpture was a fire bowl made from horse shoes as i had seen other examples of old horse shoes being re-purposed in old stables. This appealed to me as i was used to using worn or unwanted steel already.
When i was first asked if i could make a fire bowl i made the design with the discs i had been meaning to test for years, this was the real starting point.
Knowing what my materials were originally designed for, its clear they are very heavy duty and well engineered so ideal for the challenges of fire. I thought it was a shame how all these pieces are regarded as scrap once out of specification especially as 90% plus of the material was absolutely fine. So i set about using these materials in my fire bowls and really enjoy breathing a new beautiful life into this old industrial steel.
Some once said to me  "I don't mind extravagance but i cannot bear waste"  this resonated with me, although really an oxymoron. I suppose in a round about way i have lived my life by it. Certainly it is applicable to my work, as my pieces are generally made up of waste material and once finished are quite extravagant. My point being is that my fire bowls are primarily sculptures but i think its fun to have a fire in them and being alight brings them to life. If you just wanted a vessel to contain a fire then there are many practical and better solution to to achieve this than my creations. However i feel there are enough rusty boxes cluttering up gardens across the country so i set up Ablaze Bowls.

I had the skill of welding and light fabrication and decided to make a fire bowl when someone asked if I could. I then realised that I liked doing this and people wanted to buy my creations. I had been testing out ideas with horse shoes for a while previous to the fire bowls. The great feedback I received for the bowls spurred me on to sharpen up my horse shoe designs. All my creations thus far have been solely made from worn out metal, no longer suitable for its designed purpose. A lot of my time is spent testing ideas in the work shop striving to achieve beauty whilst retaining the original rustic strong quality of the metal I'm working with.

"Thanks for selecting me, I'm really excited and honoured to be included.  I didn't think I would have been considered as I just asked about it after seeing a Facebook post. After I showed what I did EOY were all for me joining the exhibition.  I'm very intrigued to see the results."

Kit Agnew
Kit Agnew EOY 2018 Artist

Recent Works:

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