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Born 18th March 1992 in Saumur, France father Charles Hair, ceramist, mother Joanna Hair, animal sculptor Brought up between the two households, the two studios.  His mother’s workshop with its mud- spattered tables covered animals destined for the heat of the firing:  He sees geese, horses or, his favourite, reptiles emerging vibrant, spitting fire, white hot from the kiln.  His child’s eyes are enraptured and fascinated by such marvels and his first word (after mama) is raku, the name of the firing technique his mother still uses.

His father’s workshop with bowls and plates, vases and vessels in a thousand and one brilliant colours, crockery glinting like precious stones on every shelf.  What he likes best here are the glaze trial firings when the kiln yields a set of never- before- seen colours.  He asks his father what he makes the colours from and his father replies “ Ground rocks, bones and vine ash” : his father is a magician.  It in these two workshops that he made his first experiments. He never thought of himself as an artist but as an engineer spinning gold from clay in his imagination, traps which caught mice without hurting them!

From 2011- 2014 he attends Le Mans Fine Arts School and completes his National Art Diploma ( DNAP Diplôme National d’Art Plastique). During this period his personal research is directed towards photography and painting. At the same time he assists his father and mother as well as working for Alain Kurylo (his step-father) and for Nicolas le Floc’h, all sculptors or ceramists.  Being surrounded by people who work in 3D makes him consider his own work not as straightforward 2D images but as objects in their own dimension. He doesn’t define himself as a painter or as a photographer but as a plastician, someone who works with form.  2015 Three months in the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Visual Arts Institute in Leipzig on an Erasmus Bursary where he encounters German figurative painting (some of which he likes). This experience has an influence on his work and he stays for a sabbatical in Leipzig before returning to Le Mans Art School to complete his Masters.


I work in my studio every day, I paint I plan I think.
I look, I make, I doubt.  Having the opportunity to show my works in an environment outside the one I know, outside my country is a opportunity I should not miss, don’t you think?  Having great dreams as a young artist, dreams of being able to live from my work and only my work. For this ambition being given tools like EOY is a great gift that should not be disregarded.

Luka Hair
Luka Hair EOY 2016 Artist

Recent Works:

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