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Truth is conveyed in details, and they are at the core of each story. From an early age Naomi has been enthralled by animals, especially horses. Until this day, their unique combination of strength and elegance has provided a source of inspiration, enabling her to take a different approach to each photograph she takes, and each story she tells. Through her portrayal of the equine species and humans, she aims to share her particular way of looking at the living entities that surround and accompany us, through a fingerprint in the form of fine art photography.

Having grown up surrounded by (farm) animals, and spending all of her free time roaming the woods on horseback, Naomi’s natural instinct allows her to notice the smallest organic details and processes. Currently on the verge of completing a Psychology and Media Communication degree at Buckingham University, she spends her time educating young equine athletes in rural Aldbourne, as well as visiting various racecourses to capture behind-the-scenes portraits of human and equine athletes. Her talent lies in the ability to seize those rare, vulnerable moments that would otherwise have been left unnoticed.



Our prime purpose in this life is to help others – the Dalai Lama

Via the support of individuals and animals through this year’s charity ‘Our Special Friends’, as well as taking young artists by the hand in creating an outstanding exhibition of their work, EOY truly embodies the altruistic spirit. Perhaps we can’t help everyone, but all can make an effort to help someone; EOY is my chance to help, but will also provide me with guidance throughout this new venture. As life is characterised by experiences, it is up to us to recognise opportunities when they arise, and grasp them firmly, in order to grow. EOY is one of them, and I wanted to be one of the select few that came close enough to be in reach, and grab it by the throat.

Naomi Tukker
Naomi Tukker EOY 2016 Artist

Recent Works:

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