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My ultimate goal is to combine my artistic / design skills with my mathematical / science knowledge to create innovative designs. We are entering the "Green Era" and many believe that the key to a sustainable future lies in structures inspired by nature. I take inspiration from the engineers / architects, like Buckminster Fuller and designers such as Karl Blossfeldt, who have studied the natural world to arrive at design solutions. I hope to capture something of this and reveal the beauty, delicacy and strength of selected plant forms in this series of work.

I am currently studying engineering at university and so for much of the time I am immersed in maths and science but the Excellence of Youth exhibition inspires me to keep my more creative side alive. I presented some of my work at the 2014 exhibition and I am glad to have this opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause again.

Olivia Becher
Olivia Becher EOY 2016 Artist

Recent Works:

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