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Challenging the use of traditional and contemporary methods using spray paint, charcoal and posca pen, Sophie Elinor Martin has a unique mixed media approach creating a ‘half painting, half drawing’ on her trade mark sustainable birch ply or hand made paper. ‘I have a passion for the intricacies of the animal ecosystem and it has inspired me to create my own playful fantasy world. I often combine my travel experiences with the industrial cityscape I surround myself in. I hardly ever pre-sketch an idea but rather just go with what’s in my head at the time. I use photographs as a base before fabricating my subjects with expression, energy and most recently colour. I especially love the emphasis on the eyes which I always start each piece with. Eyes will always be a focal point. My latest wildlife portraits hope to comically engage the audience to think about our environment and the impact of our natural world, briefly touching on the darker elements which are sadly worsening due to human destruction. ‘ Sophie returned to the art world only 3 years ago. Her work has been collected both internationally and in the UK.

My passion for drawing animals gave me a career as an artist I never thought possible. The bond between human and animal is noticeably unique and each time it is a pleasure to create something so personal for someone. There is no doubt in my wish to participate in EOY 2016 for such a worthy cause.

Sophie Elinor Martin
Sophie Elinor Martin EOY 2016 Artist

Recent Works:

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