6 great reasons to participate in EOY 2018

Help a Great Cause

EOY was started as a means to thank young artists for their generosity at The Magic Bus Gala Auction. Since then EOY exhibitions have supported other great causes. 'The Maddi Foundation' is our 2018 charity and your art can help raise funds for vital research and treatment efforts in the hope of not only stopping progression of SPG15 but also finding a cure.

Professional Support

You will enjoy the support of experienced art professionals, curatorship, collectors, mentors and entrepreneurs - behind you every step of the way. Whether you have exhibited nationally or never at all, this is going to be of great help to you in your artistic career.

Raise Your Profile

EOY 2018 works with local and national media to ensure great media coverage of the exhibition.  The EOY 2018 website and social media platforms will be widely shared and promoted in the months leading up to the event and your profiles shared with our mailing lists.

Exclusive Venue

Opportunity to exhibit alongside other talented emerging and popular young artists at an exclusive venue in the historic town of Aldeburgh on the beautiful Suffolk coast.  Aldeburgh is a well loved and renowned location for many and a veritable 'hotspot' for the arts.  Moving EOY to the coast is an incredibly exciting development for the event.


If selected, you and a guest will be invited to attend the exclusive Private View.  A great opportunity for all important networking and the chance to discuss your work with our buyers and collectors.

EOY 2018 Awards

This year we hope to be able to award one of our young artists with a prize that will help them in the early stages of their career.  We will update this section soon with details of this. Perhaps you would like to help sponsor such an award ? Contact our team :


Application Process:

We are currently updating our application procedure, if you would like to apply meanwhile please email us including between 3 and 6 images of recent work to 


1. Definitions
2. General Conditions
3. Size
4. Frames
5. Delivery of works
6. Submissions
7. Notification
8. Collection of Works
9. Commission
10. Intellectual Property Rights
11. Liability
12. Indemnity
13. Personal Data
14. Disqualification


1.1 "Exhibition Administrators" means EOY 2018 which is the constituent organisation managing the Excellence of Youth 2018 art exhibition.

1.2 “EOY 2018” means Excellence of Youth 2018 which is a the joint venture of the arts social enterprise ARTBENEFACT LLP and Drey Contemporary.

1.3 “EOY 2018 Website" means the website located at

1.4 "Works" means all artistic works, and other related works, created and developed by the artists.


2.1 These conditions apply to the submission and exhibition of Works managed by the Exhibition Administrators, including the EOY exhibition venue at [insert Aldeburgh address]Minto House, Bildeston and The Drey, Great Wratting and any other location for the purposes of EOY 2018 as determined by the Exhibition Administrators.

2.2 Further specific conditions for the exhibition or awards are specified on the EOY 2018 Website.


3.1 The size of Works to be provided is the exterior frame size, or in the case of sculpture, the longest measurement.


4.1 All Works must be exhibition-ready. Works should be sufficient to withstand mirror plating for hanging purposes.

4.2 Metal frames and clip frames are inadmissible. Glazed Works with unprotected glass edges are inadmissible. Diffused Picture glass is unacceptable.


5.1 Works should be delivered with forms and labels. Please complete all labels carefully and attach to the Works. In particular, please attach labels to the back of picture frames and to the bottom of sculptures. The exhibition catalogue is compiled from the information on the form you provide when you submit so please complete it accurately.


6.1 Submission to EOY 2018 is open to artists  who will not yet have attained their 30th birthday on 30th November 2018 .


7.1 EOY 2018 will endeavour to notify artists of all accepted Works no later than 3 days after receipt of their Art Work Submission Form.


8.1 Dates for collection of Works will be communicated by the Exhibition Administrators to the artists. These are the ONLY days that Works can be collected from the EOY 2018 gallery partners at The Drey, Great Wratting, Suffolk or Minto House, Bildeston Suffolk. Please ensure that arrangements are made for your Works to be collected on the days specified. 

8.2 Any uncollected Works will be removed from the EOY 2018’s gallery partner locations shortly after the collection days and stored by an independent courier company, who will then contact the artists concerned to arrange collection/delivery of the Works at the artist’s expense.

8.3 The Exhibition Administrators can give no information or warranty as to storage charges made by any other company.

8.4 If the Works are not collected or claimed by, or on behalf of, the relevant artist within 12 months of the last collection day (notified under clause 8.1 above), EOY 2018 will be entitled to destroy, sell, or otherwise dispose of the Works without consent and without prior notification to the artist.  The artist hereby agrees that it will not be entitled to any compensation as a result of the aforementioned destruction, sale or disposal of the Works by the EOY 2018 in accordance with this clause 


9.1 Unless otherwise advised, EOY 2018 will charge a commission on the total price paid for:

9.1.1 Works;

9.1.2 commissioned Works; and

9.1.3 any copyright in and to such Works sold or licensed;

before, during, or as a result of an exhibition managed by the Exhibition Administrators.

9.2 Once work has been submitted to EOY 2018, any sale affected by the Exhibition Administrators before or during the course of the exhibition shall take precedence and supersede one made privately. Any private sale will incur the normal commission.

9.3 The price of Works stated must include commission of 50%  . If the artist of the Works is registered for VAT, then the VAT due on the selling price of the Works should be included in the price entered on the form.

9.4 The price for the Works provided is the catalogue selling price and is the price that the Works must be sold at. This price can only be changed by prior written agreement between the Exhibition Administrators and the artist of the relevant Works. The Exhibition Administrators reserve the right to query the price of Works.


10.1 The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in and to Works, will remain the property of the artist and any enquiries in relation to such rights will be referred to the artist. So far as any rights in the Works are owned by a third party that third party will remain the owner of such rights in and to the Works.

10.2 The Exhibition Administrators have the right to copy and/or reproduce the Works and to communicate and/or issue such copies to the public in connection with the exhibition, for advertising the sale of the Works, for educational and public workshops, and for general marketing or promotional purposes, and other related activities, including without limitation the incorporation of images of the Works within promotional and marketing materials, postcards, catalogues, posters, DVDs, on Exhibition Administrator's websites, in workshop presentations and on information screens throughout the exhibiting gallery and any media now known or hereafter devised.


11.1 The Exhibition Administrators and/or their agents undertake no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of, or any damage to, Works entrusted to them, whether arising from fire, default, error, neglect or theft by carriers, packers or other persons and whether in their own employment or not, or otherwise howsoever and all goods are at artist owner’s risk absolutely and the Exhibition Administrators and/or their agents exclude all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law. THE EXHIBITION VENUE AND GALLERY PARTNER LOCATIONS ARE USED FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES AND YOU ARE ADVISED TO INSURE YOUR WORKS AGAINST ALL RISKS.

11.2 The Exhibition Administrators will endeavour to take good care of Works sent for exhibition, but in the event of a Work sent for exhibition being lost, destroyed or damaged the Exhibition Administrators' liability (if any) shall not in any event exceed the value of the work as stated on the submission form (less 50%) or any altered price subsequently notified to the Exhibition Administrators.

11.3 The Exhibition Administrators shall not be bound by the price stated on the submission form and in the event of any dispute arising as to the amount of any such loss or damage, whether or not liability is disputed, the dispute shall be referred for arbitration, independently of any issue as to liability, to an independent expert valuer to be chosen by agreement between the parties, provided always that the arbitrator’s award shall not exceed the Exhibition Administrator’s maximum liability in accordance with sub-paragraph 11.2 hereof. The arbitrator’s award shall be final and shall be conclusive evidence of the amount of the loss. The artist shall not be entitled to begin or maintain any action at law in respect of their loss until the arbitrator shall have made a determination in accordance with the terms of this sub-paragraph and then only for the amount so awarded.


12.1 Artists submitting their Works to the Exhibition Administrators (whether such submission is for an exhibition or any other purpose) shall indemnify and keep indemnified the aforementioned parties (including their agents and affiliates) against any actions, claims, proceedings, losses, liabilities, charges, costs and expenses which they may incur arising out of or in connection with any actual or alleged financial or contractual arrangements between the artist and any agent (other than Exhibition Administrators) or any third party.


13.1 The Exhibition Administrators will hold the personal data supplied by the artist on the EOY 2016 Application or Artwork Submission form, or otherwise provided by the artist to EOY 2018, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will only be used for administering exhibitions, commissions and prizes and will not be transferred to a third party without the consent of the artist, subject to clause 13.2 below.

13.2 Unless expressly written to the contrary, the artist hereby consents to the Exhibition Administrators providing third parties with his or her contact details where such third parties might be interested in buying, commissioning or licensing the rights in and to, the Works.


14.1 EOY 2018 reserves the right to disqualify any Work if the artist has failed to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.



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