Fishers combines rare old English herbs and botanicals found along the Suffolk coast. Our botanist, James Firth, having studied Botany at Oxford University has dedicated his life to England’s plants and their environments. As botanist, he scoured historical manuscripts researching the recipes of medieval herbalists in order to revive ingredients and tastes for Fishers, many of which had long since passed from memory. Fishers Gin reflects a passion for nature and research, capturing some of the wild and forgotten flavours of the English coastline.

Fishers is a natural expression of the English coast.

Foraged ingredients, a unique distilling process and a shared passion - Fishers Gin was born from two men’s desire to capture the raw energy and purity of the great Suffolk coastline.  Read more :


Each one of our selected wild botanicals has been sustainably sourced and foraged by James, and is native only to a small collection of locations, including the Suffolk coast.  On the marshland that divides the North
Sea from the River Alde, the sea gently yields to the endless green shades and textures of hundreds of herbs, grasses and flowers growing together, season after season.

Each botanical is carefully considered, picked and dried at the optimum time for the best impact on our flavour and aroma. As the botanicals are foraged sustainably, for every harvest we replant and grow new plants to ensure we put something back, ensuring nature is not unbalanced.

Every batch of Fishers is unique in its creation and singular in its flavour. Fishers is a gin that works alongside nature, and constantly draws on it for inspiration.  Read more :

From a stormy take on the classic Bloody Mary or G&T to our own inspired creations, enjoy your Fishers Gin with these five cocktail recipes.  Discover our recipes:


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'We are delighted to support EOY 2018, Aldeburgh and thrilled to have a fresh new event that celebrates young artists and great causes right here on our doorstep.'

Andrew Heald
Andrew Heald Founder + Managing Director FISHERS GIN
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